IP & Managed Services

  • Our IP and Managed Services delineate satellite communications into mainstream solutions in key vertical market segments including; Enterprise, Government and the Digital Broadcast industry. IP Services help our customers optimize networks, enter new markets, reduce costs and enhance revenue.
  • Our Managed Services are built around flexible and affordable packages that are scalable up to 100 Mb with critical reliability. They support voice, video and data with QoS/prioritization and seamless integration with existing or planned customer IT equipment and are managed securely from end to end to minimize or eliminate cyber threats.
LBiSat Managed Services include:
  • Fulltime Plans – Our fulltime satellite service plans deliver great options to keep remote workers connected. Fulltime plans can support a single user, but have the power and flexibility to support a large government and enterprise networks in the Oil and Gas, Mining, and the Healthcare industry.
  • Metered Service Plans – Fixed monthly service plan options feature variable sized Bandwidth Pools that are never throughput restricted. If you exceed your allotment, additional per Mb charges for overage once your pool has been consumed.
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  • Disaster/Business Continuity Plans – Disasters can be classified in two broad categories; natural disasters and manmade disasters. It is often during these times of emergency that satellite connectivity provides the ONLY source of fail-over communications in the hours and days during the disaster or the weeks or months following catastrophic events.
  • Flexible On Demand Plans – Implement the flexibility of this On-Demand plan for your critical bandwidth requirements by upgrading from a modest keep alive data rate to High Speed Data Options. Upgrades happen in minutes with a simple phone call or a visit to our support web portal.
  • Occasional Use High Bandwidth IP Solutions – Our experience with supporting Special Events with High Bandwidth IP Solutions has established that every successful job is a custom engineered solution.  Variable data requirements, locations, and available equipment all present different challenges to each scenario.  LBiSat deploys uplink facilities, satellite modems, network acceleration, local network delivery, and IP engineers to successfully execute at these complex Special Events.


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