Government Services

LBiSat leverages our expertise in designing and integrating mission-critical networks to provide remote connectivity for the armed forces, civilian agencies, and emergency response organizations.

We have the capability to support airborne communications, command & control, disaster and emergency response, fixed and mobile communications, as well as intelligence and reconnaissance requirements around the globe.

LBiSat retains award of two GSA contract vehicles to support US Government Agencies with satellite related hardware, network services, and professional services. These agencies rely on LBiSat's broad expertise for successful government and military solutions.

GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract - Contract Number GS-35F-183CA

IT Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, offering innovative information technology solutions to federal, state, and local governments. It is broadly recognized for its benefits of cost savings, time savings, seleciton, and built-in value.

Aware of Schedule 70 contract signifies that GSA has vetted LBiSat for fair and reasonable pricing; that LBiSat is in compliance with all applicable regulations, and has the competenece and expertise to provide integrated technology services. The IT Schedule 70 Special Item Numbers (SINs) are categorized based on government mandates, industry evolution, and buying trends identified by GSA.

Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) - Contract Number GS00Q17NRD4011

LBiSat was recently awarded a CS3 contract to provide federal agencies complex, end-to-end satellite solutions as a small business industry partner. This contract is part of the Future Commercial Satellite Communications Services Acquisition (FCSA) strategy established by the GSA and DISA to consolidate transponded capacity (bandwidth), subscription services, and end-to-end solutions into one program for procuring complex satellite communication solutions.

View Contract:

- Section A - Executed Form SF 26

- Section A - Amendment P00001 Executed Form SF 30

- Section B - Supplies or Services & Prices/Costs

- Section B - Attach. J-9 - Contract Year 2, Pricing for STO1 (Redacted)

- Section B - Attach. J-11 - Contract Year 2, Pricing for STO 2 (Redacted)

- Section C - SOW

- Section D - Packaging and Marking

- Section E - Inspection and Acceptance

- Section F - Deliveries or Performance

- Section G - Contract Administration

- Section H - Special Contract Requirements

- Section I - Special Contract Requirements, FAR Clauses

- Section J - List of Documents, Exhibits, and Other Attachments

- Section J, Attach. J-1 - Acronyms and Abbreviations

- Section J, Attach. J-4 - Small Business Subcontracting Guidance and Model Plan

- Section J, Attach. J-5 - CS3 Monthly Business Volume Report Template

- Section J, Attach. J-6 - CS3 Monthly Revenue Reporte Template

- Section J, Attach. J-8 - STO 1 Requirements

- Section J, Attach. J-10 - STO 2 Requirements

- Section J, Attach. J-12 - STO 3 Requirements

- Section J, Attach. J-14 - Form DD254 Template

- Section J, Attach. J-15 - Form DD254 Template Continuation Pages

- Section J, Attach. J-17 - STO Link Budget Template

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